Degree Program

UCSD Sociology Graduate Program

The graduate program in sociology at the University of California, San Diego is organized on the basis of four programs of specialization:

  1. Comparative and Historical Sociology
  2. Sociology of Culture
  3. Sociology of Science, Technology, and Medicine
  4. Social Inequalities

It is designed to prepare students for two main goals: to contribute to the increase of knowledge about societies and thereby advance the discipline of sociology; and to teach sociology at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The majority of graduates from the program find teaching and research positions in colleges and universities, although some also work in non-academic research and social policy positions.

The department offers a course of study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. While the Master of Arts degree is awarded as a step toward the completion of the Ph.D., applicants seeking only an M.A. degree are not accepted.

If you have questions about the Sociology Graduate Program, you may call the Graduate Coordinator at 858-534-4626.