Olga Mayorova

Olga Mayorova

I am a native of Russia, earned a Master's degree in sociology from the University of Louisville, KY, and received a Ph.D. in sociology from University of Arizona. My professional interests include social network analysis, organizations, labor market, gender, higher education, migration, and healthcare. Previously, I did evaluation research at the American Sociological Association and taught research methods and statistics.

My Network Data and Methods course offered in Fall 2017 will focus on the analysis of social networks. Social networks go beyond social network sites and degrees of separation. They describe any kind of connections between individuals, groups, organizations, countries, places, cultural objects, or ideas.

We may use social network analysis (SNA) to study the role connections play in job search and business relations, in diffusing knowledge through webs of doctors, in providing support in time of need, in giving rise to biotech industry, or in supporting criminal activities. SNA is an effective way to examine cliques of friends in high schools, power networks of the business and political elites, as well as the intricate patterns of international trade and many other social phenomena.

Social network analysis is an interdisciplinary field bringing together sociologists, computer scientists, physicists, psychologists, political scientists, organizational and management researchers, and many- many others. This course will suit any undergraduate student interested in both social sciences and data sciences. Expert knowledge of math in this course is not required.

By the end of the class, students will learn major theoretical concepts and methodological techniques used in social network analysis and get hands-on, down-to-earth experience of collecting, analyzing, and drawing network data. Student's grades will be based mainly on the results of lab assignments, an article presentation, and a small research project.