Brynna Jacobson

BA: UC Berkeley, Peace and Conflict Studies

MA: UC San Diego, Sociology

MA: University of San Diego, Peace and Justice Studies

Areas of specialization: environmental sociology, political economy, economic sociology, law and society

My research investigates society's relationship to the environment and how this translates into material practices and policy considerations. Specifically, my dissertation focuses on scientific and political responses to climate change and an analysis of the growing prominence of geoengineering as a potential solution. It applies theories of risk, modernity, and the “politics of unsustainability” to social practices and political-economic structures. It explores the social insecurities that arise in the face of global environmental crises, the role of life politics within this context, and society's relationship with technology as both a cause and potential solution to climate change.

I am also involved in an ongoing collaborative law and society research project examining common law as a global knowledge system through investigation of judicial practices within post-colonial Asian jurisdictions. We have created a unique data set based on review of judicial opinions from Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore to analyze and evaluate the significance of how these judicial communities invoke international common law through legal and cultural practices.


Kwai Hang Ng and Brynna Jacobson. 2017. "How Global is the Common Law? A Comparative Study of Asian Common Law Systems – Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore."  Asian Journal of Comparative Law. 12(2): 209-232.

Charles Thorpe and Brynna Jacobson. 2013. “Life Politics, Nature, and the State: Giddens’ Sociological Theory and The Politics of Climate Change.” The British Journal of Sociology 64(1): 99-122.

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