Yao-Tai Li

BA: National Taiwan University, Political Science

MA: National Taiwan University, Political Science

Areas of Specialization: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Culture, Identity, Labor/Work, Social Inequality, Overseas Chinese


My dissertation focuses on how different levels of national (PRC-Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kongese) and pan-national (PRC Chinese) identities nest within each other in different social settings (labor market, workplace, community, and social life), and how they shape and transform the ethnic identity and ethnic relations of PRC-Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongese migrants in Australia. Based on a year and half of fieldwork investigating ethnic identity and social relation in the workplace and ethnic organizations, I highlight how people interpret “pan-Chinese” differently, and argue that identity is not only a fluid concept that encompasses a diversity of political, cultural, and ethnic interpretations, it also involves how people negotiate and manage differences through boundary making/unmaking.

Graduate Students