Armand Gutierrez

Curriculum Vitae

BA: UC Los Angeles, Sociology

Research interests: family, gender, international migration

Areas of specialization: Transnationalism, Remittances, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity

Armand Gutierrez is a Ph.D. Student in Sociology at UCSD. He is both a Ford and Cota-Robles Fellow. His current research projects focus on second-generation transnationalism. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, his recent projects concern remittance patterns and practices among second-generation Mexican- and Filipino-Americans in the Southern California region. He has recently published work in Ethnic and Racial Studies on how and why second-generation Filipino-Americans develop and fail to develop social and economic cross-border ties. In addition, he has received various accolades for his writing, including the Cristina Maria Riegos Distinguished Student Paper Award for his paper examining second-generation Mexican- and Filipino-American remittance patterns.

Select Publications:

Gutierrez, Armand. 2017. “A Family Affair: How and Why Second-Generation Filipino-Americans Engage in Transnational Connections.” Forthcoming, Ethnic and Racial Studies.

  • 2017 American Sociological Association Section on Asia and Asian America: Outstanding Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention
  • 2017 American Sociological Association Section on Global and Transnational Sociology: Best Graduate Student Publication Award, Honorable Mention

Gutierrez, Armand. 2017. “Disconnected Transnationalism: The Logic of Remittances among      Second-Generation Filipinos.” Under Review at Global Networks.

Gutierrez, Armand. 2017. “The Determinants of Remittances among the Children of Mexican- and Filipino-American Migrants.” Under Review at International Migration Review.

  • 2017 American Sociological Association Section on Latino/a Sociology: Cristina Maria Riegos Distinguished Student Paper Award

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