Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

BS: Georgetown University, Languages (Spanish Lit)

MA: CSU Long Beach, Asian Studies (Chinese Studies, Asian Lit)

Dissertation Research: "Humanistic Buddhism and Climate Change: Propagating the Bodhisattva Ethic of Compassion for People and the Planet"

Research interests: Sociology of Religion, Chinese Culture and Religion, Sociology of the Environment, Sociological Theory, and Visual Sociology


Journal Articles

  • “From ‘Children of the Devil’ to ‘Sons of God’: The Reconfiguration of Guanxi in a 20th Century Indigenous Chinese Protestant Group.” Review of Religion and Chinese Society, 4:1 (2017: 59-86).
  • “What is in a Name? A Comparison of Being Branded a Religious Cult in the United States and the People’s Republic of China: Witness Lee and the Local Churches.”  Journal of Church and State (2015 Advance Online Access) DOI: 10.1093/jcs/csv006. Co-authored with Dr. Teresa Wright.
  •  “The Divine and Mystical Realm: Removing Chinese Christianity from the Fixed Structures of Mission Church and Clergy.” Social Sciences and Missions 27 (2014:239-266) DOI: 10.1163/18748945-02017.
  • “Atheist Political Activists Turned Protestants: Religious Conversion among Chinese Dissidents.”  Journal of Church and State (2013 Advance Online Access) DOI:10.1093/jcs/cst096. Co-authored with Dr. Teresa Wright.
  • “Engaging and Evading the Party-State: the Challenges and Open Spaces for Chinese Protestant Groups in China’s Reform Era.” China: an International Journal, 11:1 (April 2013: 1-20). Co-authored with Dr. Teresa Wright.

Book Chapters

  • “Protestant Christianity in China, Urban and Rural: Negotiating the State, Propagating the Faith,” in Stan Brunn, ed., The Changing World Religion Map (Springer, 2015: 2059-2074). Co-authored with Dr. Teresa Wright.
  • “Making Sense of China’s State-Society Relations: Protestant House Churches in the Reform Era,” in Francis Khek Gee Lim, ed., Christianity in Contemporary China: Sociological Perspectives (Routledge, 2013: 220-233). Co-authored with Dr. Teresa Wright.


  • The Thunder of Deep Thought—House of the Sun Notebooks, Number Two. English translation of book on poetic philosophy by dissident Chinese poet and 1987 Chinese Democracy Wall Movement activist, Huang Xiang, for City of Asylum/Pittsburgh 10th anniversary celebration (Sampsonia Way, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, 2014).
  • “From Wang Shuo’s Wicked Satire to Hu Ge’s Egao: Political Humor in a Post-Totalitarian Dictatorship.” English translation of essay by Liu Xiaobo in Perry Link, ed., Liu Xiaobo: No Enemies, No Hatred, (Harvard University Press, 2012:177-187).
  • “克服壓迫人的障礙,改善世界” (“Kefu yapo ren de zhangai, gaishan shijie,” Overcoming Crushing Obstacles, Making the World a Better Place”). Chinese translation with Fan-Yi Yang of essay by Teri Shaffer Yamada in Liuwang Shiji (流亡詩集) (Liusiwenhua Publishers, 2009: iii-vii).
  • June Fourth Movement Twentieth Anniversary Memorial (June Fourth Heritage & Culture Association, 2009).

Podcast Interviews


  • Review of Heaven: A History by Colleen McDannell & Bernhard Lang, A History of Heaven by Jeffrey Burton Russell, and Encyclopedia of Heaven by Miriam Van Scott. Affirmation & Critique: A Journal of Theology, 5:2 (April 2000:115-119).