Transferring to UC San Diego

UC San Diego has a variety of tools to help make the transition from community college seamless.  For example, students in the surrounding San Diego area may be eligible to enroll in UniversityLink for guaranteed admission to UC San Diego! There are resources that you may find helpful as you prepare to continue your education at one of the best public institutions in the nation!

In addition to meeting and talking with your community college counselor, visit the UC Transfer Admissions Planner. The University of California system has developed an online tool designed to help prospective UC students who are transferring from California community colleges track and plan their coursework. This planner helps to ensure that from the very beginning of your college career, you are working towards meeting the minimum requirements to transfer to a UC.

To get a head start with your Sociology major, try to complete your lower division requirements at your community college.  Use, the office source for articulation and student transfer information, to see if SOCI 1, SOCI 2, or SOCI 60 have an articulation agreement with your college.

Any UC-transferable community college sociology courses not articulated on will automatically be accepted toward your lower division elective requirement.

It is not uncommon for transfer students to have only partially completed the lower division requirements. 

Now that I have been accepted as a UCSD Transfer Student, what should I enroll in?

If you haven't taken SOCI 60 at your community college:

  • SOCI 60: Introduction to Research Methods
  • One upper-division elective (SOCI 111-199)  
  • College requirement

If you have taken SOCI 60 at your community college:

  • Two upper-division electives (SOCI 111-199) or an upper-division elective (SOCI 111-199) and SOCI 100 
  • College requirement

It is strongly recommended that you enroll in a maximum of 3 courses (12 units) during your first quarter.

Section and Enrollment Information

For our lower division (SOCI 1-87) and theory course (SOCI 100):

  • You will register for the one-hour weekly discussion section and not the lecture in these courses. Registering for the discussion section will automatically register you in the lecture.
  • We will release a limited amount of seats in each discussion section just prior to transfer student enrollment

All major coursework must be taken for a letter grade.