Sociology at UC San Diego

Our department, founded in 1968, has 27 faculty with a wide array of research and teaching interests. We have particular strengths in comparative-historical sociology, the sociology of culture, inequalities, and the sociology of science.

The roots of Sociology at UC San Diego are not far buried today. The deparment of Sociology may have the most extensive and comprehensive program of comparative and historical sociology in the country and a large proportion of its members are engaged in the study of foreign countries: their institutions, culture, interactions with other nations, development and change. The international emphasis is expressed in the faculty's teaching commitment to the Graduate School of Global Policy and Strategy, the Science Studies Program, as well as Eleanor Roosevelt College, which is oriented around international studies. The department has strong, nationally recognized programs in the sociology of culture, science studies and the sociology of inequality (based on class, gender and race) is also becoming a central research and teaching field for many of its faculty members.