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Direct Deposit

If you are an Employee...

(i.e. Faculty/Staff/Teaching Assistants/Readers)

There are two methods of payment on campus: Payroll and Disbursements.

  • Payroll pays faculty/staff/TA/Readerships employee salaries.
  • Disbursements pays stipends and/or any reimbursements.

To enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit, you have the following options:


Important: Enrolling in Direct Deposit online may take up to 15 days to process. If you choose to submit a paper check/form to the department, the process time is within 2-3 business days.

To enroll in Disbursements Direct Deposit (reimbursements for Travel/Meetings/MyPayments/etc):

Note to Graduate Student Employees: Please enroll in disbursements in the next section below.

If you are a Graduate Student... 

(and not yet employed as a TA/Reader/Graduate Student Researcher)

Stipend & Disbursements

Graduate students may enroll for both stipend direct deposit and disbursements (for reimbursements) through Tritonlink. You complete this one time unless your information changes.

  • Enroll online here and have your PID (student identification) and PAC (personal access code) ready.
Important: This is not the same process if you are offered employment as a Teaching Assistant/Reader/Graduate Student Researcher.  You have to complete the Payroll steps above if you are hired as one of these titles.

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