Kristen M. Walker

Financial & Human Resources Specialist


  • Fund manager & liaison for Faculty and Students with UCSD business/financial systems and outside agencies
  • Pre-award
    • Proposal & Budget Preparation
    • Coordinating Submission with OCGA, Agency
  • Post-Award
    • Advising Faculty & Students of grant guidelines, procedures, allowable expenses
    • My Funds & Payroll/PPS setup
    • Allocation &  monitoring of all Sociology federal, state, and private contracts & grants
    • Coordinating preparation and submission of progress reports, closeouts, , no-cost extensions, ENPETs/EPETS


  • Hiring and record keeping for Administrative Staff
  • PPS entry for Administrative Staff
  • Backup PPS support for Student Affairs & Academic Personnel
  • HR management support for MSO


  • Liaison for all Sociology Visiting Professors, Visiting Researchers, & Visiting Graduate Students with IFSO and RSAS
  • Coordination and advising Faculty and Visiting Scholars on Visiting Scholar process
  • Prepare all documentation for submission to IFSO and RSAS


  • Approvals & monitoring transactions/payroll for Sociology, LAS, and AAASRC
  • Index setup, Project & COA Override Maintenance
  • Financial administrative support for MSO


  • Assist Faculty, Students, & Staff with Single-Sign On ID creation, revocation,  & password resets
  • Active Directory/Email Setup
  • Maintain and coordinate access & security between ACT, MSO, and Sociology users to UCSD business systems including ISIS, IFIS, PPS, and Link Family
Monday 7:30a - 4:00p
Tuesday 7:30a - 4:00p
Wednesday 7:30a - 4:00p
Thursday 7:30a - 4:00p
Friday 7:30a - 4:00p

*This is a typical schedule but may flucatuate at times