Graduate Students

Andrea Abel Gender, education, family, inequality, work
Stephanie Alaimo Migration and development
Rawan Arar Refugees, immigration, human rights, Middle East, gender
Leroy J. Arciniega Immigration, political economy, movements, stratification
Kevin Beck

Neighborhood effects, assisted housing, residential mobility, gentrification, urban social theory, housing policy, social inequality, and mixed methods

Crystal Ben Urban, American Indians, inequalities, culture, education
Erica Bender Institutions and organizations, culture, gender, military sociology
Colin Burke Digital soc, surveillance, state and corporate crime, risk
Davide Carpano Political soc, inequality, labor and technology
Harrison Carter Sociology of religion, religion in contemporary China
Tito Carvalho Race-ethnicity, scientific knowledge, theory, historical
Cory Caswell Science, knowledge, theory, social cognition, culture
Cat Crowder Intersection of gender studies and science studies
Dan Davis Higher education, methods, orgs and work, religion
Lindsay DePalma Religion, culture, economic soc, stratification
Ha Young Do Gender, social movements, higher education, South Korea
Daniel Driscoll Environmental, movements, culture, religion, methods
Donald Everhart Science and technology studies, science and religion
Rebecca C. Franklin Comparative-historical
Emma Greeson Culture, economic soc, markets, material culture
Armand Gutierrez Family, gender, international migration
Kevin Hale  
Heather Harper Economic, political, democracy, power/knowledge, labor
Melissann Herron Gender, inequalities, culture
Doreen Hsu
Brynna Jacobson Environment, political economy, economic, law and society
Fatima Khayar Transit migration, living space, ethnicity/race, comparative
Bryan Kim Theory, knowledge, science and technology, culture
Donghyun Koo
Hee Eun Kwon
Jack Jin Gary Lee Law, political, colonialism and empire, global, migration
Seung Hee Lee Neuroscience, subjectification and objectification
Stacey Livingstone Stratification, globalization
Yao-Tai Li Labor, unions, political sociology, social movements
Jane Lilly Lopez: Immigration, law, citizenship, mixed-status families, policy
Carolina Mayes
Seth Merritt Science/tech, comparative-hist, cyber, economic, theory
Haley McInnis Social movements, immigration, religion, culture
Angela Y. McClean Nationalism, collective memories, immigration, East Asia
Ian Mullins Theory, methods, history of sociology, political, culture
Jennifer Nations Political sociology, higher education, inequalities
Natalie Novick Gender and political sociology
Junghun Oh
Lauren Olsen Academic knowledge production, translational medicine
René Patnode China, politics, globalization, education, ethnic identity
Christine Payne Critical Theory, Science and Technology Studies, Feminist STS, Sociology of Knowledge
Pablo Perez Social class, inequality, pol economy, political, Latin American studies
David Pinzur Economic, financial markets, culture, science/technology
Stephen Reynders 
Germano Ribeiro F. Da Silva    Comparative-hist, fiscal soc, state-building, Latin America
Julia Rogers Science studies, knowledge production, psychology, PTSD
Laura Rogers Culture, inequality, gender and sexuality
Jonathan Ruiz Science/technology, theory, religion and science
Jon Shafran Work/occupations, disciplinary cultures, body/embodiment
Nick Smith Content analysis and visual methods
Karina Shklyan
Yasemin Taskin Alp
Chad Valasek Science/technology, economic, culture, social psychology
Yu Wang Global/transnational, inequality, pol economy, environment
Stacy Williams Movements, food, culture, gender, theory, inequalities
Yue Yang Education, social stratification, migration, China
Bolun Zhang
Teresa Zimmerman-Liu Sociology of religion, Chinese culture and religion