Faculty Leave Information

Important Note: All information listed here was taken from the PPM or other central offices. Please confer with the AT YOUR SERVICE facts and checklists for additional information, or call your benefits representative with more complex questions. This page is to be used only as a helpful navigation tool. If any information here has been replaced or modified, UCSD and system-wide revisions supersede this document.


An academic appointee is considered to be on a leave of absence any time he or she takes a leave from normal duties during the prescribed periods of service. Academic appointees who leave the campus prior to obtaining formal approval are in violation of University policy.

Academic appointees with academic-year appointments are expected to be in residence from the first day of the fall quarter through the last day of the spring quarter, except during official University holidays. The UCSD Academic and Administrative Calendar lists the actual quarter dates and official holidays. Academic-year appointees may be absent during the periods between quarters without requesting an official leave, unless they are traveling on official University business.

For both academic-year and fiscal-year appointees, periods of academic recess (e.g., periods between quarters) include recess from formal classes, but not recess from research, committee and other administrative duties, or other University obligations.

To request a leave of absence, faculty must complete the online Request for Absence form. Academic Personnel Specialist Robin Ross will review the request and get in touch with you if additional information is needed. She will also notify you when your request has been approved by the Chair, and, possibly the Dean, depending on the length and type of leave. A paper version of the form can also be found in the mailroom next to the fax machine.

An absence during exam week should be an exceptional request only, made at least one month in advance as it must be approved by the Department Chair, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Committee on Educational Policy.

Leave with Pay

Intended Use: Any leave requested that involves the university paying salary, benefits or both.
Possible Duration: Variable
Restrictions/Constraints: Varies depending on type of leave
Affect Pay: Possibly
Affect Benefits: Possibly
Require Use of Sabbatical Credits: Refer to Extended Leave Policy

Leave without Pay

Intended Use: Any leave requested that stops the university from paying salary and benefits.
Possible Duration: Up to one year
Restrictions/Constraints: Leave without Pay will not be granted to faculty who accept permanent appointments outside of UCSD
Affect Pay: Yes
Affect Benefits: Yes (can affect service credits as well)
Require Use of Sabbatical Credits: No


Intended Use: A leave requested as a research opportunity that requires the use of earned sabbatical credits.
Possible Duration: Up to one year
Restrictions/Constraints: Faculty must return to active duty immediately upon their return
Affect Pay: No or Yes if taken below 100%
Affect Benefits: Yes or No (can also affect service credits)
Require Use of Sabbatical Credits: Yes

Leave of Absence Form

Place your request online here.

A paper version can also be found in the Sociology mailroom next to the fax machine. For fastest processing time, please submit online at the link above.

You may refer to the Academic Leave Policy (PPM Online 230-10 Personnel-Academic) for more details.

You can also refer to the AT-YOUR-SERVICE FAQ pages for some of the most common questions and answers regarding: