Kevin Beck

MA: University of California-San Diego, 2013

MA: Columbia University, 2011

BA:  Roanoke College, 2008


Research Interests

Neighborhood effects, assisted housing, residential mobility, gentrification, urban social theory, housing policy, social inequality, and mixed methods


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the sociology department at the University of California-San Diego. My research primarily addresses questions from urban sociology. With a co-author, I recently published one article on homeowner displacement in gentrifying neighborhoods and another article on racial inequalities in effective property tax rates. I currently have two papers under review that consider how assisted housing affects residential mobility and interaction among neighbors. And in my dissertation, I demonstrate how the resources tied to different housing arrangements create variation in neighborhood effects. Please see my personal website for more information about each of these projects and for a copy of my C.V.





2016. Isaac William Martin and Kevin Beck. “Gentrification, Property Tax Limitation, and Displacement.” Urban Affairs Review.

2015. Isaac William Martin and Kevin Beck. “Property Tax Limitation and Racial Inequality in Effective Tax Rates.” Critical Sociology.

2015.Castañeda, Ernesto, Kevin Beck and Josue Lachica. “Poverty, Ethnicity and Culture: Walking through Hispanic Neighborhoods in New York, San Diego and El Paso” in Walking in Cities: Quotidian Mobility as Urban Theory, Method, and Practice. Edited by Timothy Shortell and Evrick Brown.


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