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Invited Visiting Scholars & Graduate Students


All visiting scholars need to have a Sociology Faculty Sponsor with whom they will be collaborating during their planned visit. Once the Faculty Sponsor and prospective visiting scholar have agreed on collaboration dates, the Faculty Sponsor will contact the Visiting Scholars coordinator to setup the Departmental Invitation letter (Note: this is not the official UCSD visiting scholar appointment letter outlined below). This letter and the visiting scholar's acceptance is required before the prospective appointment may proceed further. 

Required Documents/Forms

All invited visiting scholars must provide the following documentation in order to officially register as a Visiting Scholar/Student at UCSD. Our staff are happy to provide you assistance on general advice and point you to the right resources for your visit. However, it is the visitor's responsibility to learn and understand the rules for maintaining their appointment and/or immigration status. 

Visiting Scholars/Researchers (with a PhD or equivalent)

Submit the following documentation to the Sociology Department here.

  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Brief summary of research project you will be working on at UCSD.
  • UC Patent Acknowledgement Form (PDF): Please sign and return and then our department representative will fill out the remaining information and sign and date as the "Witness" when received. For non-US citizens: Please only sign for the ‘Patent Agreement' section at the bottom, not the ‘Oath.'

If an international visitor, please also see the section below entitled International Visitors for additional required documents.

Visiting Graduate Students

All visiting Graduate Students (VGS) are required to submit documents through Graduate Division's online VGS Appointment Form.  You will receive an email notifying you to complete this form online and upload all of the documents listed below once the department creates a UCSD VGS account for you.

To submit to the VGS Online Appointment Form:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • UC Patent Acknowledgement Form (PDF): Please sign and return and then our department representative will fill out the remaining information and sign and date as the "Witness" when received. For non-US citizens: Please only sign for the ‘Patent Agreement' section at the bottom, not the ‘Oath.'
  • Current Proof of Registration in a graduate program (PhD, Masters, or MD) -  ie. copy of your current transcript or letter from home institution confirming that you will still be registered for the duration of your VGS appointment at UCSD.
  • Proof of Health Insurance, or Form C (PDF): Health Insurance Memorandum of Understanding

Additionally, please submit the following to the Sociology Department online here:

 For further guidance on these documents, please see our section for International Visitors.
  • J-1 Form (PDF): Scholar Information Sheet
  • Passport Biographical Page (including any independents)
  • Proof of Funding

International Visitors

For our visitors requiring departmental sponsorship for a DS-2019 to obtain a J-1 visa, the following must be submitted along with the items listed above at least 3 months prior to planned arrival date. 

Additional Required Documents

Please note that these items listed below should be submitted through Sociology's online form here.

  1. J-1 Form (PDF): Scholar Information Sheet - Fully completed and signed with all additional documentation (e.g. passport biographical page) as required attached.
  2. Certification of English Language Proficiency by one of the following: 
    • Certification by an academic institution or English language school 
      • Letter should include:
        • Verifies the exchange visitor possesses English language proficiency high enough to function daily within the UCSD position and within the local U.S. community.
        • Issued on letterhead in English within the past 6-months
        • Includes signature from school official
        • Example [PDF]
    • or Certification by a recognized English language test
      • Copy of test must be in English & can include:
        • IELTS overall band score of 6 or higher
        • TOEFL test score must be 500 (paper based), 173 (computer based) or 61 (internet based IBT). TOEIC not accepted.
        • PETS score level 5 or higher
  3. Proof of Funding: Documentation - in English - of funding from home institution, agency, or personal funds of at least $2,400 (for a single person) per month for duration of visit. Minimum proof of funding amount subject to change without notice.


  • $625 IFSO visa processing fee. This fee must be paid before your visa application can be processed. Fees subject to change without notice.
  • If you are a Visiting Graduate Student: $100 Visiting Student Registration Fee - This is in addition to the visa processing fee and must be paid within six weeks upon arrival on campus.

Appointment and Departmental Information

Upon submission of the required documents, the Sociology Visiting Scholar Coordinator will contact you with your official appointment letter.

International Scholars: Upon receiving your written acceptance, the Sociology Department will submit the necessary DS-2019 application along with the acceptance letter to the International Faculty and Scholars Office(IFSO).  Please allow 10 business days for processing (5 business days if rush fees paid). Once our department obtains the DS-2019, we will mail the original to you so that you may obtain your visa. For additional information, please see IFSO's J-1 Exchange Visitors page 


All Visiting Scholars:

  • For receiving access to the Sociology break rooms & mail room, please setup an appointment with Rick Clarke to setup an omni code.

International Scholars:

  • Within 15 days, you are required to Register at IFSO and attend mandatory Orientation. Please see the IFSO website for additional information.
  • For a variety of information on living in San Diego, please see the International Scholar Handbook.

Research Resources

Off-Campus Library Access

To obtain off-campus library access, you will need login to the  Virtual Private Network using your Active Directory Account (username from UCSD email).


Each visiting scholar will have their own campus mailbox in the Sociology mailroom. Your UCSD mailing address will be:

First Name Last Name, SOCIOLOGY DEPT
9500 GILMAN DR. # 0533
LA JOLLA CA  92093-0533

Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF) Helpdesk

The Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF) offers a variety of computer support for administrative staff, faculty, and graduate students within the Division of Social Sciences. Support includes: installation and setup of new computers, web hosting, Email access, antivirus and more.