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  • Abigail Andrews

    Abigail Andrews

    Associate Professor. PhD UC Berkeley. Globalization, development, gender, migration, political sociology, Latinos / Latin America, urban studies, social theory, qualitative methods.

  • Amy Binder

    Amy Binder

    Professor, Department Chair. PhD Northwestern 1998. Culture, movements, education, organizations.

  • Mary Blair-Loy

    Mary Blair-Loy

    Professor, Director, Center for Research on Gender in STEMM. PhD Chicago. Sociology of gender, culture, inequality, work and organizations, family.

  • Michel Estefan

    Michel Estefan

    Assistant Teaching Professor. PhD UC Berkeley. Social theory, political sociology, law and society, comparative and historical methods, Latin America, inclusive and equitable pedagogy and teaching.

  • Ivan Evans

    Ivan Evans

    Professor, Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College. PhD Wisconsin 1986. African studies, political sociology, sociology of development, ethnic and race relations, social movements, sociology of the environment.

  • John H. Evans

    John H. Evans

    Professor; Tata Chancellor’s Chair in Social Sciences; Associate Dean of Social Sciences; Co-director of the Institute for Practical Ethics. Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Science, Politics, Public Ethics

  • David FitzGerald

    David FitzGerald

    Professor, Gildred Chair in U.S.-Mexican Relations and Co-Director, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. PhD UCLA 2005. Law and society, international migration, political sociology, nationalism and ethnicity, comparative-historical and ethnographic methodology.

  • Harvey S. Goldman

    Harvey S. Goldman

    Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1978. Theory, sociology of intellectuals and of knowledge, sociology of culture.

  • Neil Gong

    Neil Gong

    Assistant professor. PhD UCLA. Power and social control, sociology of medicine, social theory, STS, ethnographic methodology.
  • Jeffrey M. Haydu

    Jeffrey M. Haydu

    Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1984. Social movements, comparative-historical methods, class relations, food.

  • Bennetta Jules-Rosette

    Bennetta Jules-Rosette

    Distinguished Professor & Director of the African & African-American Studies Research Center. PhD Harvard 1973. Sociology of religion, sociology of knowledge, sociology of culture, sociology of art, ethnographic film and media methods, African studies.

  • Lane Kenworthy

    Lane Kenworthy

    Yankelovich Endowed Chair Professor. PhD Wisconsin 1993. Comparative political economy, poverty, inequality, social policy, politics.

  • Martha Lampland

    Martha Lampland

    Professor. PhD Chicago 1987. Political economy, social and cultural history, science studies, Central Europe (Hungary).

  • Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewis

    Associate Professor. PhD Harvard 2012. Culture, social networks, social psychology, inequality, family.

  • Thomas Medvetz

    Thomas Medvetz

    Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies. PhD UC Berkeley 2007. Sociology of knowledge and intellectuals, classical and contemporary theory, political sociology, cultural sociology.

  • Daniel Navon

    Daniel Navon

    Associate Professor. PhD Columbia 2013. Sociology of science and knowledge/STS, comparative-historical sociology, social theory, medical sociology, qualitative methods.

  • Kwai Ng

    Kwai Ng

    Professor. PhD Chicago 2004. Sociology of law, sociology of language, social theory, religion.

  • Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

    Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

    Associate Professor. PhD University of Edinburgh 2010. Economic sociology, sociology of markets, science and technology studies, cultural sociology, financial markets, art markets, public valuations, innovation.

  • Richard Pitt

    Richard Pitt

    Associate Professor. PhD University of Arizona. Social psychology, religion, (higher) education, work and occupations, gender and family
  • Danielle Raudenbush

    Danielle Raudenbush

    Assistant Professor. PhD Chicago. Urban sociology, health and medicine, poverty and inequality, qualitative methods.

  • Vanesa Ribas

    Vanesa Ribas

    Associate Professor. PhD North Carolina 2012. International migration, race relations, work.

  • Akos Rona-Tas

    Akos Rona-Tas

    Professor. PhD Michigan 1990. Economic sociology, uncertainty and risk, rational choice theory, comparative social stratification, survey research, methodology.

  • Gershon Shafir

    Gershon Shafir

    Distinguished Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1980. Comparative-historical sociology, nationalism, citizenship and globalization, Middle Eastern societies, theory.

  • John D. Skrentny

    John D. Skrentny

    Professor. PhD Harvard. Science and innovation policy; education; work; immigration; political sociology; law and society.

  • April Sutton

    April Sutton

    Assistant Professor. PhD The University of Texas at Austin 2015. Social stratification, education, gender, and spatial inequalities.
  • Charles Thorpe

    Charles Thorpe

    Professor. PhD UC San Diego 2001. Social and political theory, sociology of knowledge and intellectuals, sociology of science and technology, Marxism, culture, ecology and society.

  • Christena Turner

    Christena Turner

    Associate Professor. PhD Stanford 1987. Japanese society, culture, everyday life, organizations, Chinese society, work.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Richard Biernacki

    Richard Biernacki

    Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1988. Qualitative methodology, comparative-historical studies of Europe, culture, theory.
  • Rae Lesser Blumberg

    Rae Lesser Blumberg

  • Aaron Cicourel

    Aaron Cicourel

  • Jack Douglas

    Jack Douglas

    PhD Princeton 1969. Deviance, theory, social economics, history of social thought, field methods.
  • Rebecca Klatch

    Rebecca Klatch

    Professor Emerita. PhD Harvard 1984. Sociology of gender, masculinities, sociology of family, social psychology/identities, race, American society, field research methods. Email:

  • Richard Madsen

    Richard Madsen

    Director of UC Fudan Center, Professor Emeritus. PhD Harvard 1977. Sociology of ideas/culture, sociology of religion, comparative sociology, Chinese society, "moral anthropology." Email:

  • Hugh "Bud" Mehan

    Hugh "Bud" Mehan

    Professor Emeritus. Discourse processes, sociology of education, educational inequalities. Email: Tel: 858-534-6765. Office: CRB 166 (CREATE).

  • David Phillips

    David Phillips

    Professor Emeritus. PhD Princeton 1970. Demography, epidemiology, medical errors, suicide, accidents, homicide, mass media. Email:

  • Andrew Scull

    Andrew Scull

    Emeritus Distinguished Professor. PhD Princeton 1974. Historical, psychiatry, medicine, social control, professions, theory.
  • Carlos Waisman

    Carlos Waisman

    Professor Emeritus. Political sociology, development, theory. Email:

  • Jacqueline Wiseman

    Jacqueline Wiseman

  • Leon Zamosc

    Leon Zamosc

    Professor Emeritus. PhD University of Manchester-England 1983. Latin American societies, political economy, development, social movements, research methods, ethnicity, rural sociology.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Yen Le Espiritu

    Yen Le Espiritu


    Yen Espiritu received her Ph.D. from UC Los Angeles in 1990. She is a professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UCSD. Focusing on Asian America, her research has sought to challenge the homogeneous descriptions of communities of color and the narrowness of mutually exclusive binaries by attending to generational, ethnic, class, and gender variations within constructed racial categories. In particular, her work has called attention to the ways in which racialized ethnicity is relational rather than atomized and discrete and the ways in which group identities necessarily form through interaction with other groups "through complicated experiences of conflict and cooperation" and in structural contexts of power.

  • Mary L. Walshok

    Mary L. Walshok

    Email: Office: UNEX Complex.

    Mary Walshok received her BA from Pomona College and her MA and PhD in sociology from Indiana University. Currently she is the associate vice chancellor for Extended Studies and Public Programs and professor of sociology. A thought leader on aligning workforce development with regional economic growth, she is the author of Blue Collar Women, Knowledge Without Boundaries, Closing America's Job Gap, and the forthcoming Invention and Reinvention: The Evolution of San Diego's Entrepreneurial Economy. As an industrial sociologist she has researched various American regions for the US Department of Labor, NSF, and Lilly Foundation. Walshok is active on numerous community and national boards and is co-founder of CONNECT, one of the most admired innovation cluster development organizations in the world.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Isaac W. Martin

    Isaac W. Martin

    Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 2003. Fiscal sociology, social movements, political sociology, social policy.


  • Arthur Atkinson

    Arthur Atkinson


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: Th 10:00a-12:00p (Zoom)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 147 Organizations, Society, and Social Justice

  • Leroy Joey Arciniega

    Leroy Joey Arciniega


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 126 Social Organization of Education

  • Colin Burke

    Colin Burke


    Office: SSB 453 | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 102 Network Data and Methods

  • Michael Calderon-Zacs

    Michael Calderon-Zacs


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: Th 1:30p-3:00p (Skype or Zoom)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 133 Immigration in Comparative Perspective & SOCI 175 Nationality and Citizenship

  • Catherine Crowder

    Catherine Crowder


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 30 Science, Technology, and Society

  • Kyle Haines

    Kyle Haines


    Office: SSB TBD | Office Hours: W 1:00p-3:00p (Zoom)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 149 Sociology of the Environment

  • Heather Harper

    Heather Harper


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 152 Social Inequality and Public Policy

  • Seth Merritt

    Seth Merritt


    Office: SSB 426 | Office Hours: M 12:00p-1:00p


    Fall 2020: SOCI 168E Sociology of Science

  • Christine Payne

    Christine Payne


    Office: SSB 474 | Office Hours: M/W 3:00p-5:00p (Droid)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 135 Medical Sociology & SOCI 160 Sociology of Culture

  • Kara Placek

    Kara Placek


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 119 Sociology of Sexuality and Sexual Identities & SOCI 142 Social Deviance

  • Germano Ribeiro Fernandes Da Silva

    Germano Ribeiro Fernandes Da Silva


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 109 Analysis of Sociological Data

  • Julia Rogers

    Julia Rogers


    Office: SSB 467 | Office Hours: TBD


    Fall 2020: SOCI 113 Sociology of the AIDS Epidemic & SOCI 162 Popular Culture

  • Valerie Summers

    Valerie Summers


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: By Appointment (Zoom)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 141 Crime and Society

  • Jeffrey Tirshfield

    Jeffrey Tirshfield


    Office: SSB 474 | Office Hours: T 1:00p-3:00p (109), Th 1:00p-3:00p (50) (Zoom)

    Winter 2021: TBD

    Spring 2021: TBD

  • Chad Valasek

    Chad Valasek


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 134 The Making of Modern Medicine

  • Brad Weinreb

    Brad Weinreb


    Office: TBD | Office Hours: TBD

    Fall 2020: SOCI 159 Special Topics in Social Organizations and Institutions — Law: A View From the Bench

  • Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

    Teresa Zimmerman-Liu


    Office: SSB 463 | Office Hours: Th 5:00p-6:00p (Zoom)

    Fall 2020: SOCI 185 Globalization and Social Development

Visiting Scholars