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Graduate Courses

Students are required to enroll as full-time graduate students, to carry a minimum enrollment of 12 units of graduate-level courses each quarter, and to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better. 

Annual Schedule

We strive to provide the most up-to-date information on our annual course schedule.  Please note, that it is a tentative list and as such, is subject to change.

Graduate Courses for prior academic years: 2016-172015-16

Quarterly Schedule

Our course schedule can be found on the Schedule of Classes

  • Undergraduate courses are listed under subject code “SOCI – Sociology”
  • Graduate courses are listed under subject code “SOCG – Soc/Graduate” 

Course Requirements

SOCG 298 - Independent Study

SOCG 298 Independent Study Course Policy

1) An Independent Study course (SOCG 298) allows independent research and study for pre-dissertation students who have completed all of their course requirements and are in preparation of field exams or have passed their field exams already.


2) With approval from the Director of Graduate Studies, SOCG 298 may allow students who have not completed their course requirements to examine a particular topic that is not covered in a regular seminar course. Advanced planning is strongly recommended.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have not completed all your required courses and are interested in taking Sociology Independent Study (SOCG 298 units), you will need to adhere to the policy described on the Independent Study Application. Meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies in advance is strongly recommended to assure approval for your plan of study.

All students enrolling in SOCG 298’s (1 - 8 units) should complete these steps before the start of the quarter:

  • Meet with a faculty member to discuss your 298 proposal.
  • Develop a description (scope and goals) for the independent study with the faculty member (attach to application).
  • Develop a reading list and/or planned assignments (attach to application) and schedule contact times with instructor.
  • Complete the Independent Study Application and obtain the required signatures.
  • Submit to the Graduate Coordinator by the 1st day of instruction for each quarter. 

To Request Preauthorization to Enroll:

For NEW Requests:
Please submit an Independent Study Application. The completed application is due to the Graduate Coordinator by the 1st day of instruction for each quarter.
For CONTINUING Requests:
If you already have a form on file and are continuing previous work, you do not have to submit another application – please e-mail the Graduate Coordinator, and copy the instructor with whom you are taking the independent study, with the following information:

  • PID
  • Student Name
  • Instructor Name

Once it has been confirmed that you have an approved application on file, you will receive an e-mail that you are preauthorized to enroll and may complete your registration via WebReg.

If your request is submitted after week 2, you will be instructed to submit your preauthorization request through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). Once the request is approved, you will receive an automated e-mail that you are cleared to enroll and may complete your registration via WebReg.

SOCG 299 - Thesis Research

Only open to graduate students engaged in thesis research.

SOCG 500 - Apprentice Teaching

Teaching Assistants (TA) may enroll in SOCG 500: Apprentice Teaching in Sociology during quarters for which they are a TA. The course can be taken for up to 4 graduate-level credits. Through WebReg, enroll in SOCG 500: Apprentice Teaching in Sociology with the faculty who will be teaching the course. If there is not a section available under the faculty who will be teaching the course, please notify the Graduate Coordinator. (S/U grades only.)

Full Course List

Our full course list includes courses that have yet to be added onto the General Catalog and annotations for cross-listed courses.

Enrollment and Registration

For information on important enrollment and registration deadlines, please visit the Enrollment and Registration Calendar.