The academic advising staff is available to provide advice and answers to questions about the undergraduate program in sociology during walk-in advising, advising by appointment, and via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC). Additional information, including specialization requirements (degree checks) can be found under Major/Minor information

Undergraduate Advisors: Jillian Tracy & Shavonne Holton

Location: Social Sciences Building, Room 401.
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Please see the Advising Schedule Tab below for quarterly advising hours and advising updates.

Also check out a list of common terms and their definitions to help you crack the code often used during campus advising.

Advising Options: 



Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

  • Typically 30 Minutes
  • Detailed Questions
  • Quarter by Quarter Plans
  • Typically 15 Minutes
  • Quick Questions
  • Signing Paperwork
  • On the Go Questions
  • After Hours

Appointments are generally better for more detailed information like career advising, individualized quarter by quarter plans, or detailed questions.

Please refer to the Advising Schedule Tab below to schedule to an appointment.

Walk-in advising is generally best for quick questions about: course requirements, pre-requisites, signing study abroad paperwork, OSD paperwork/ scheduling, quick check-ins, other major and minor related information, or if you have a question with an immediate need.

The Virtual Advising Center (VAC) is a great way to contact your advisor if you have a quick question, can't stop by in person, or if the advising office isn't open.

Please direct online questions to the VAC. Emailed questions from currently enrolled students will only be answered virtually through the VAC.

















Advising Schedule

Updates to Advising Schedule

  •  No Walk-in Advising- Thursday 10/10/19 from 1-3:30pm

Fall 2019 Advising Schedule:

Advising Schedule

Signing Up for Appointments:

*Sign up for your appointment here: Sociology Advising Google Appointment Calendar

Please make sure to use your UCSD email when making appointments. Include your PID with the reason you are scheduling an appointment in the calendar description (if no appointment times work please send us a message via the VAC).

New FA19 freshman and transfer students:
Please block off 1 hour when making your first Sociology Advising appointment for quarter by quarter plans (this will require you to book 2 appointment slots). Generally quarter by quarter plans for new students take 40 mins to 1 hour. For appointments after this you can schedule just the regular 30 minutes.

**Please also note that some students have difficulty with their time zone when using their google calendar. Appointments are only offered during the times listed above. If you notice that the times are incorrect, please check your time zone.

This is a typical schedule but may fluctuate at times. Call ahead to check to see if an advisor is in.

Current UCSD Students

Please submit all quick advising questions via the Virtual Advising Center. Our advisors will respond to you within one to three business days. Your questions will be answered via the VAC only, not through email.

Current students are free to come in for walk-in advising or make an appointment on the google calendar under the Advising Schedule.

Incoming Freshman and Newly Admitted Transfer Students

Welcome newly admitted students!

Visiting the site from Triton Day? Our slides are available here: Sociology Triton Day Sides

Visiting the site from Transfer Triton Day? Our slides are available here: Sociology Transfer Trition Day Slides

Please feel free to review our Undergraduate information. You can get in contact with the Undergraduate Coordinator via "Online Advising" at the New Student Site.

For walk-in advising times or to make an appointment, check the Advising Schedule.

Also check out a list of common terms and their definitions to help you crack the code often used around campus.

Prospective Students