Graduate Students

Hyangseon Ahn


Stephanie Alaimo


Leroy J. Arciniega

Immigration, political economy, movements, stratification

Kevin Beck

Urban Sociology; International Migration; Race and Ethnicity; Social Stratification; Social Policy

Crystal Ben

Medical Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Settler Colonialism, Indigenous Studies

Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer

Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, Sociology of Expertise & Intellectuals, Biomedicine, Health, Network analysis

Colin Burke

Surveillance, Social Networks, Computational Social Science, Quantitative Methods, STS

Davide Carpano

Economic sociology, history of technology, free and open source software, labor

Harrison Carter

Sociology of religion, religion in contemporary China

Tito Carvalho

Sociology of science, history of biology, cultural sociology, race and ethnicity

Cory Caswell

Culture & Cognition, Theory, Knowledge & Science, Philosophy of Social Science, Phenomenology, Sociology of Art

Cat Crowder

Intersection of gender studies and science studies

Lindsay DePalma

Economic sociology, culture, work & occupations, organizations, social psychology, inequality, stratification, gender, field methods, and pedagogy.

Daniel Driscoll

Environmental sociology, climate change, carbon pricing, political economy, social movements, methods

Weiai Fang


Camila Gonzalez Paz Paredes

Political sociology, sociology of culture and knowledge, historical sociology; vigilantism, extra-legal forms of justice, state building, discourses on criminality and security in Mexico.

Ross Graham


Armand Gutierrez

Family, gender, international migration

Katie Hale

Sociology of science, technology, and medicine, queer studies, computational social science

Heather Harper

Economic, political, democracy, power/knowledge, labor

Melissann Herron

Gender, inequalities, culture

Rowan Hildebrand-Chupp

Science and technology studies, sociology of psychiatry, historical sociology, social movements

Doreen Hsu

Race/ethnicity, immigration, education, Asian/Asian American studies, qualitative methods

Yen-Ting Hsu

Participatory Democracy, Political Sociology, Fiscal Sociology, Political Culture, Expertise

Fatima Khayar Cámara

Political Sociology, International Migration, Comparative-Historical Methods

Donghyun Koo

Hee Eun Kwon

International Migration, Race/Ethnicity, Family, Gender, Qualitative Methods

Dasom Lee


Chuncheng Liu

Science and Technology Studies; Economic; Culture

Jiaqi Liu

International Migration, Refugee Studies, Return Migration, Citizenship, Nationalism, Political Sociology, Border Studies

Stacey Livingstone

Poverty, homelessness, mental health, qualitative methods

Ana Lopez-Ricoy

Social movements, social policy, gender, Mexico, Latin America

Bernardo Mackenna

Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods, Social Networks, Social Psychology

Carolina Mayes

Angela Y. McClean

Nationalism, collective memories, immigration, East Asia

Haley McInnis

Comparative-historical sociology; Science, knowledge, and technology; Environmental sociology; Social movements

Seth Merritt

Political Sociology, Science, Technology, and Society (STS), Sociology of Expertise, Economic Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Social Theory

Iman Muñiz


Ke Nie

Culture, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Organizations, Sociology of Music 

Natalie Novick

Cultural Sociology, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, European Union

Junghun Oh

Gender, Disability, Care; Social movement and collective action, Identity, Emotion; Narrative analysis

Lauren Olsen

Sociology of medicine, knowledge, inequalities, culture, organizations and interdisciplinary work

Stephen Reynders 

Germano Ribeiro F. Da Silva

Comparative-hist, fiscal soc, state-building, Latin America

Jonathan Ruiz

Science/technology, theory, religion and science

Sevin Sagnic


Karina Shklyan

Immigrant integration, immigration policy, local contexts of reception, ethnic return migration

Nick Smith

Content analysis and visual methods

Panayiotis Sofocleous


Sarah Stembridge


Yasemin Taskin Alp

Chad Valasek

Science/technology, economic, culture, social psychology

Yu Wang (Joseph)

Global/transnational, inequality, pol economy, environment

Bolun Zhang

Political Sociology and Economic Sociology

Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

Sociology of Religion, Chinese Culture and Religion, Sociology of the Environment, Sociological Theory, and Visual Sociology