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Chuncheng Liu

MA: University of California San Diego, Sociology, 2019

BA: Sun Yat-sen University, Sociology, 2015


Research Interests: Science and Technology Studies, Economic Sociology, Law and Society, Algorithms, Global Health, Sexuality

Personal Website:


My research experiences could be classified into three themes. My current research focuses on the politics of algorithms. My dissertation project will examine the design and implementation of Chinese social credit systems. Collectively, my peer-reviewed publications have yielded more than 300 citations.

My previous two study themes are public health studies and studies of public health. Before my education at UC San Diego, I worked at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Project-China, conducting HIV/AIDS research and interventions. With my co-authors, I have published more than 30 articles in public health journals (three first-authored).

In my first two years at UC San Diego, I adopted sociological/STS theories to critically reexamine the sociopolitical structure and power dynamic behind the public health in China. I published four articles (all first-authored) under this theme. These research experiences fit into my broader intellectual interests in knowledge, power, and classification.

First authorship

Liu C & Graham R. (2021). Making Sense of Algorithms: Relational Perception of Contact Tracing and Risk Assessment during COVID-19. Big Data & Society.

Liu C. (2020). “Red is not the only color of a rainbow”: The making and resistance of the “MSM” subject among gay men in China. Social Science & Medicine. 112947.

  • Won the Martin Levine Paper Award, American Sociological Association

Liu C.*, Zhang Y.*, Pan S.W., …& Tang W. (2020). Anticipated HIV Stigma Among HIV Negative Men Who Have Sex with Men in China: A Cross-Sectional StudyBMC Infectious Diseases. 20: 44.

  • Won the Best Paper Award, Lancet-Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) Health Summit

Liu C. (2019). Multiple Social Credit Systems in China. Economic Sociology: the European Electronic Newsletter. 21(1): 22-32.

Liu C., & Meyers, K. (2019). Beyond Clinical Trials: Social Outcomes of Structured Stakeholder Engagement in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials in China. Culture, Health and Sexuality.

Liu, C., Fu, R., Tang, W., Cao, B., Pan, S. W., Wei, C., ... & Smith, M. K. (2018). Transplantation or rurality? Migration and HIV risk among Chinese men who have sex with men in the urban areasJournal of the International AIDS Society21(1), e25039.

Zhang, T. P.*, Liu, C.*, Han, L.*, Tang, W., Mao, J., Wong, T., ... & Tucker, J. D. (2017). Community engagement in sexual health and uptake of HIV testing and syphilis testing among MSM in China: a cross‐sectional online surveyJournal of the International AIDS Society20(1), 21372.

Liu, C., Mao, J., Wong, T., Tang, W., Tso, L. S., Tang, S., ... & Tucker, J.D. (2016). Comparing the effectiveness of a crowdsourced video and a social marketing video in promoting condom use among Chinese men who have sex with men: a study protocolBMJ open6(10), e010755.


* stands for co-first authorship


Co authorship (selected)

Smith M.K. Wei C., Liu C., …& Tucker J.D. (2019). Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Chinese Men who have Sex with Men: A Latent Class Analysis. Archives of Sexual Behaviors.

Tang W., Mao J., Liu C., …& Tucker JD. (2019). Reimagining Health Communication: A Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trial of Crowdsourced Intervention in China. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 46(3), 172-178.

Tang W., Liu C., Cao B., …& Tucker J.D. (2018). Receiving HIV Serostatus Disclosure from Partners Before Sex: Results from an Online Survey of Chinese Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Individuals. AIDS & Behavior, 22(12), 3826-3835.

Wang, C., Tucker, J. D., Liu, C., …& Ling L. (2018). Condom use social norms and self-efficacy with different kinds of male partners among Chinese men who have sex with men: results from an online surveyBMC public health18(1), 1175.

Mao J., Tang W., Liu C., …& Tucker J.D. (2018). Sex Tourism among Chinese Men who have Sex with Men: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study. BMC Public Health, 18(1), 306.

Cao B., Liu C., Durvasula M., …& Tucker J.D. (2017). Social Media Engagement and HIV Testing among Men who have Sex with Men in China. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(7), e251.

Cao B., Liu C., Stein G., …& Tucker J.D. (2017). Faster and Riskier? Online Context of Sex Seeking Among MSM in China. Sexual Transmitted Diseases, 44(4), 239-244.

Rich Z., Liu C., Ma Q., …& Tucker J.D. (2015). Physician Perceptions of HIV Cure in China: A Mixed Methods Review and Implications for HIV Cure Research. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease, 5(9), 687-690.

Liu C. Governance in the Name of Trust: An Examination of a Chinese Municipal Policy Infrastructure.

Liu C. New Arts of Governance: The Origin of the Chinese Social Credit System

Fu Z & Liu C. Mobilizing Lockdown in a Pandemic (shared authorship)

SOCI 70. General Sociology for Pre-Med Students (2018 winter & 2019 winter)

SOCI 131. Sociology of the AIDS Epidemic (2018 fall);

SOCI 140. Sociology of Law (2019 fall)

USP 3. City and Social Theory (2019 spring)