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Ke Nie

MA: University of California, San Diego, Sociology, 2021

MA: Peking University, Journalism, 2014

BA: Peking University, German Language and Literature, 2012

BA: Peking University, Economics, 2012

Research Interests: Culture, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Organizations, Computational Social Science, Information and Communication Technologies, Sociology of Music

Personal Website:

Curriculum Vitae:

I am a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of California, San Diego. I use both quantitative and qualitative methods to study cultural markets and cultural policies around the world with a specific focus on music. I am now focusing on my dissertation project, which examines how artistic diversity and creativity are shaped by social and political institutions in the digital era. Please check out my personal website and CV for more information.
Nie, Ke. 2021. “Disperse and Preserve the Perverse: Computing How Hip-Hop Censorship Changed Music Genres in China.” Poetics.