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Program Administrative Coordinator

  • Initiates quarterly AAASRC board meetings
  • Develops memos, minutes, and other documents
  • Contributing Liason for AAASRC associated faculty, staff, and board members


Special Events Coordinator

  • Coordinates colloquia, Black History Month events, and AAASRC's Awards Banquet
  • Constructs flyers, programs, posters, and invitations for events
  • Provides media and tech support


African Studies Minor Advisor

  • Advises students on required and offered classes
  • Inputs student coursework in degree audit
  • Follows up on student progress


General Office

  • Maintains office equipment
  • Files and labels documents 
  • Schedules Director for important meetings
  • Organizes general office
Monday 11:00a - 4:00p
Tuesday 11:00a - 4:00p
Wednesday 11:00a - 4:00p
Thursday 11:00a - 4:00p

Location: SSB Rm 135

*This is a typical schedule but may fluctuate at times